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Siemens rilascia la versione Parasolid v27.1

Siemens PLM ha annunciato il rilascio della v27.1 del proprio kernel per la modellazione 3D Parasolid.
Parasolid è il pilastro di NX e Solid Edge prodotti di Siemens PLM che viene concesso in licenza a molti fornitori di software indipendenti (ISV) che sviluppano centinaia di applicazioni basate su Parasolid.

V27.1 Parasolid propone numerosi miglioramenti per poter migliorare l’efficienza e l’efficacia dei flussi di lavoro per le modellazioni complesse.
Parasolid consente un alto livello per le funzionalità geometriche tanto da poter essere più produttivo e permette agli sviluppatori di applicazioni di concentrarsi su altre esigenze dei loro clienti. Gli altri miglioramenti di Parasolid v27.1 includono blending, surfacing e modeling.
Vediamo per area tutti i miglioramenti che sono stati presentati:

Parasolid v27.1 provides extended control over the shape of blends. This extended control enables end users to get the exact shape required for functional or aesthetic purposes, which demonstrates the use of blending as a complex modeling technique beyond its historical role of simply rounding off model edges.Blending enhancements allow you to:
* More easily control the profile of G2 face blends by providing constant depth and skew values
* Define variable radius edge blend parameters over a chain of edges – in addition to edge by edge – to give a smoother result

Parasolid v27.1 enhancements give more flexibility to reach the desired design results within an operation, which eliminates multiple operations.The surfacing enhancements allow you to:* Replace sharp mitred corners created by sweeping a profile along a sharp non-G1 path with rounded corners
* Align parameterization of extruded surfaces with the extrude direction
* Optimize parameterization of the new face when replacing a set of faces with a single face
* Sweep a profile along a path with the option to extend the path beyond one or more faces used to lock the profile
* Sweep a solid tool along a path and specify that a face or set of faces of the tool are unimportant to the result and that their precise sweep should be replaced by a simpler capping surface

Modeling Support
Parasolid v27.1 includes changes to existing functionality to assist detailed modeling in fewer steps. Parasolid v27.1 modeling support enhancements allow you to:* Imprint a set of curves that are coincident with a face as a group, which improves performance and robustness
* Imprint a curve onto faces of a body with greater influence by controlling how to imprint onto hidden faces

Platform Support
In response to customer requests, Parasolid v27.1 and Bodyshop v27.1 for Microsoft Windows are now compliant with the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, which is a set of standards designed to reduce incidences of security vulnerabilities in software. This is a precautionary platform security enhancement as there are no reports of security vulnerabilities in these libraries.

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