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The lay-in metal false ceiling is made of high quality aluminum alloy, the use of advanced materials leveling and compression molding process to ensure that the finished aluminum panel shape stability, flatness and dimensional accuracy.
The panel specifications can be customized and the same to panel's thickness and color. The Lay-in aluminum ceiling has easy installation systems, which provide customers with a neat appearance, simple and full of change ceiling effect.
As construction decoration industry is developing rapidly, lay-in metal false ceiling is widely used in hospital, office, toilet, laboratory, lobby and entertainment centre, etc. Compared to traditional metal false ceiling, it is more flat and steady of the installation effect. There are some strict demands to match with light device and fire-fighting equipment for ensuring the high standard effect.
Bahe company has completely solution for the award-winning office project. Not only to consider the installation of lay-in metal false ceiling, but also match perfect to the device of air condition, lamp, vent, electric wire and fire-fighting equipment.
Bahe company is specialized in producing aluminum square ceiling. There are several solutions for offering professional service and technology.
1、8mm hanging pole
2、Hanging parts of 50 main kell
3、50 main keel
4、Hanging parts of triangle keel
5、Triangle keel
6、Clip-in Aluminum cellingAluminum Clip-in Ceiling factory