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Visualizza CTB / STB ed esporta in file TXT

Professione: *
Software: AutoCAD
Regione: Lombardia

Somebody asked me about the file format of AutoCAD plot styles. I didn't have a direct answer, but a later hint from the same person helped me a lot further. This inspired me to develop a new CTB/STB view/print application that works completely independent of AutoCAD and Autodesk tools! Just one executable, no other exe's or dll's needed. It should work with CTB's/STB's from any version of AutoCAD (since 2000). I call it experimental as I am not sure that I fully understand how all data in the tables should be interpreted (though it seems to work well). Anyway, the purpose of this tool is that you can view CTB's, print them and save as text file that you can open in Excel etc.


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