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SolidWorks brainstorm


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Professione: Progettista
Software: Solidworks, Cimatron IT, Cimatron E, Rhino, AutoCAD, Logopress, Solidcam
Regione: Emilia Romagna
Io ci ho messo questa:

When a screw or bolt or other kind of normalized components are shown in a view, an annotation indicating the diameter of the component (set as property in the Custom Property of the component) in the top view, or indicating diameter/length in the front or section views is automatically displayed for each component.

It would be also useful to have an annotation in a fixed position of the part that have the same behaviour when put in a drawing (is automatically importedi in the view with the correct position and character)

Visto che a tutt'oggi nessuno mi ha dato la corretta soluzione...