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plugins per l'esportazione da cinemax4d



Plugins for Maxons Cinema 4D
Since I really like to work with Cinema4D, I write plugins to solve certain problems, and then provide these to other users.

I will always try to make a freeware version available, which will of course have some restrictions with respect to the complete version.

* The freeware version is designed for those who do not wish to provide a small contribution (in funds or in terms of unpaid work for me or others).
* The more people acquire the complete version, the more I will be motivated to publish further solutions to problems.

Thomas Zeier - TZ
SimpleMakerPro NEW
Polygon reduction, local reduction with the mouse, Normal maps ...
transforms HiPoly objects into their LowPoly counterpart
imports and manages Poser animations
exports SWF files
exports AI EPS files