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Online documentation - Search Issues with Java 7 Update 25

Utente NX

Utente Standard
Professione: Progettista
Software: NX8 TC9
Regione: Piemonte
Software Field Bulletin
Java 7 Update 25 and Documentation Search Issues - NX 8.5
Affected Software: NX 8.5
Associated PR Number(s): 2221043, 2220966 and 6909852
Scope: N/A
Revision: N/A

The latest patch from Oracle, Java 7 Update 25, breaks the NX 8.5 help
search when the documentation is accessed from a local system path. If the
help is accessed from a web server it still works.

1. Download qagent.jar.jre7_25_nx85 from Product Updates for
NX/Unigraphics NX in the patch/customer directory.
2. Close all browser windows.
3. Locate qagent.jar in the root of the installed location, e.g.,
C:\Siemens\NX 8.5\UGDOC\html_files\nx_help\search.
4. Rename qagent.jar, for example, qagent.jar_OLD.
5. Copy in the downloaded file and rename it to qagent.jar.

Note: Do not adjust the Java security settings. They should remain set
to "High" which is the recommended setting from Oracle.

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