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Online documentation - Search Issues with Java 7 Update 21

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S O F T W A R E SFB-NX-7396
F I E L D Page 1 of 1
B U L L E T I N Issue Date: May 6,2013
Revision Date: N/A
Supersedes: N/A
Submitted By: Tracey Atkinson
Responsible Group: Teamcenter
GTAC 800 # Options(s): 2,3,1

SUBJECT: Online documentation - Search Issues with Java 7 Update 21
Affected Software: NX 8.5 including MR releases
Associated PR Number(s): N/A
Scope: N/A
Revision: N/A


There are two symptoms:

1.When running the documentation from a web server, a Java Security Warning
is displayed. The user has to Accept that they want to run the applet in
order for the search to work.

2.When accessing the help from a local file system (installed to the
user desktop), a message is displayed that the Application has been
blocked. In this case the search does not work at all.


Oracle has put additional security settings in place with the latest Java
update 21. These settings are preventing the search applet from running
with files launched from a local path, e.g. D:/tchelp. Users see a message
that the application is being blocked. If the user clicks OK, the content
pages can be viewed, but the search does not work.

When running from a web server, a Java Security Warning is displayed that
the user must dismiss in order for the search to work.


We are providing both a fix and a workaround for these issues:

Fix: Download qagent.jar from Product Updates for NX/Unigraphics NX in the
patch/customer directory. You will be prompted for the file name.

The location to install the jar file may vary depending on what version
of the product/help is installed and where the user has installed the
help files. The easiest way to locate the qagent.jar is to search for it
by name, rename it to qagent.jar.bak, then copy the new signed version
to that location.


Workaround: Set the Java security panel setting to Medium on each user’s
1. Pick Start, Control Panel, Java.
2. On the Java Control Panel, select the Security tab.
3. Change the Security Level from High (minimum recommended) to Medium.
Note: The decision to change the Security setting is up to the user and the
rules at their site.

This is fixed in NX9.

If any questions arise regarding this field bulletin, the
Global Technical Access Center may be contacted at:

All USA & Canada (800) 955-0000

If you are outside the United States and Canada, any questions
regarding this or any other SFB should be directed to your local
support office, quoting the SFB number.

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