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[ Siemens PLM Software ]

S O F T W A R E SFB-ALL-8000
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B U L L E T I N Issue Date: Feb-26-2014
Revision Date: Feb-26-2012
Supersedes: N/A
Submitted By: B. Brandenstein
Responsible Group: NX, TcVis
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SUBJECT: Certification of VDI for NX and Teamcenter Visualization
Affected Software: NX 8.5, NX 9, TcVis 9.1, TcVis 10.1
Associated PR Number(s): N/A
Scope: Windows
Revision: -

This SFB announces the certification of NX and TcVis on selected Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI.)
Certified Application Versions:
-NX 8.5 and NX9
-TcVis 9.1 and v10.1
Updates to these versions and new releases are deemed certified unless specifically noted in the product release notes.

Certified VDI Environments:
-VMware ESX server and Horizon View 5.
-Citrix XenServer 6.2 and XenDesktop 7 (graphics pass- through)
-Citrix XenServer 6.2 SP1 and XenDesktop 7 (vGPU)
-Citrix XenApp (Teamcenter Visualization only)

Requirements for VDI Operation:
To operate within a VDI environment, the following hardware/software requirements should be met:
-The servers should be from established Siemens PLM hardware certification partners.
-Graphics should utilize a certified card or derivations of certified workstation graphics. For example, the NVIDIA K1 GRID card consists of
four K600 graphics GPUs, which are certified in workstations.
-A certified graphics driver or newer should be used.
-Utilize one of the certified environments listed above.
-The certified virtual desktop OS is Windows 7, 64 bit.

Due the large number of combinations, Siemens PLM has put in place the following restrictions:
-The software VDI stack should be homogeneous. Mixed environments have not been certified.
-Linux and Windows 8/8.1 have not been certified and there are currently no plans.
-The shared graphics solutions from VMware, vSGA from VMware has not been tested and is not certified.
-The virtual GPU (vGPU) driver from NVIDIA and available from Citrix has been tested and is certified.
-Virtualized application servers, such as XenApp, were only certified for TcVis. There are no plans for testing other products.
-Certification was only performed on private network environments.
-Public clouds offering 3D graphics were not tested and are not certified at this time.

Support Policy
Certification consists of testing Siemens PLM applications on specific OEM systems, operating systems, and graphics cards and drivers. The
certification process is used to ensure that all product functionality operates correctly and any known issues are documented via caveats.
Certification is not a measure of scalability or performance, only functionality. It is the customer’s responsibility to test their parts and
workloads to ensure a given system and configuration meets their needs.
Since several new layers of software has been introduced that could induce errors or affect performance, and we have not tested all possible
combinations, our current support policy has been modified with respect to a VDI deployment in the following manner:

Performance in a VDI is subject to many other factors and is not a supportable issue by Siemens PLM. However, if similar performance issues
can be duplicated in a workstation environment it will be supported.

Graphics issues such as display and driver quality, color, missing elements, errors or crashes can only be investigated independently of the
virtualized environment. As such, they must be duplicated on a workstation before they will be investigated. If possible, the customer should
demonstrate the condition and be willing to share part files if the issue is part specific. Siemens will need a test case that can be provided to
our graphics and system vendors to resolve these issues.

Configurations, troubleshooting, recommendations, and tuning of VDIs are not Siemens’ responsibility and must be performed by the customer with assistance from their VDI or hardware supplier.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I offer NX to my users in another country?
A: Any use outside the country in which the software was purchased would require a global agreement. Sales should be contacted for more information.

Q: Are Citrix and VMware partners of Siemens PLM?
A: Yes. These VDI market leaders have joined the Siemens partner program and we have provided them with our software to assist in configuration and support issues.

Q: To make the financials work, my company needs to share graphics. Is this supported?
A: The vGPU driver from NVIDIA and available on XenServer has been tested and is certified. We cannot offer any statement on performance as your mileage will vary.

Q: What versions do you support?
A: Our support policy provides active support for the currently released products and one release back. For example, we currently support NX9 and NX8.5. As we produce new releases, the supported versions move forward.

Q: Does this mean older versions will not work?
A: No. In general, older versions should work as nothing is done to prevent their operation. However, our ability to support an issue may require an upgrade to a current release if the problem is within our software.

Q: How much memory do my servers require? What is the minimum network latency to make this work?
A: We do not have any hardware or configuration guidelines we can offer at this time. Even if we did, your mileage would vary depending on your user activity, part file complexity, and other system activity. Each customer should evaluate and prototype a VDI environment before making the commitment to deploy.

Q: Will there ever be sizing guides to assist in my deployment?
A: The hardware OEMs are in the process of developing some of these guidelines. In addition, Citrix and VMware have some guides for
business applications but real world data for complex 3D CAD environments has not yet been developed. We expect this to become
available over time.

Q: What about running NX in a public cloud?
A: Currently, we have only certified VDI on private networks. Amazon, recently announced the available of an EC2 G2 instance which would
provide a virtual machine and dedicated NVIDIA graphics adapter for graphics intensive applications like NX. Siemens PLM is evaluating this technology but does not offer support at this time.

NX è stato quindi certificato per l'utilizzo su piattaforma VDI.