MP5 per solid edge ST2


Utente Senior
Professione: teorico del paleocontatto
Software: Solid Edge ST7, scarabocchi su carta
Regione: Veneto (PD)
rilasciato il maintenance pack 5 per solid edge ST2, sia versione 32 e 64 bit.
Per il download si rimanda al sito siemens

Bug corretti
This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:

=====Part/Profile/Sheet Metal=====

PR 6309592: Move faces fails after Contour Flange is created
PR 1774806: Move Face along normal causes a crash
PR 6250532: Cannot separate thread features
PR 6225694: Mix and match of internal and external threads causes flip
PR 6309497: Cannot create a Contour Flange with circular cutout close corner
PR 1775239: Rebend command fails on Lofted Flange
PR 6306564: Cannot move a bead made with a point
PR 1771620: Synchronous functionality becomes very slow due to Simulation study
PR 6308114: Opening a SAT file in ST2 does not work as it did in ST
PR 6310904: Cannot create an extruded cutout using from/to in ST as you could in V20
PR 1753614: Chamfer with equal setbacks at non perpendicular faces are not maintained
PR 6279672: Fixed distance not maintained editing 3-point dimension in the provided file
PR 6277212: A feature in the provided file fails to recompute
PR 6182369: Cannot rotate a flange with locked dimensions
PR 6295337: Curve by table yields an error in Windows 7
PR 1754685: Flat pattern length is incorrect
PR 1778169: Unable to mirror a model which includes a pattern
PR 1777789: Unbend/rebend converts an edge to Curve
PR 5777698: Section view creation fails
PR 6317234: Unable to flatten lofted flange
PR 6292472: Getting a difference in flat pattern results if a cutout exist
PR 6304690: Normal Cutout fails in simple scenario in ST2; but worked in ST
PR 6310905: Cannot access a Premium license when the license contains an XpresRoute feature
PR 6285483: Fixed distance not maintained when editing an Angular dimension by line and point
PR 6311566: SE hangs when recomputing a model with a large number of holes


PR 6310200: Scroll to part not working correctly on patterned subassemblies
PR 1777601: Performance impact in Pathfinder using read/write combo with name formula
PR 6271761: Assembly patterns do not support fill pattern region patterns
PR 1772728: Assembly pattern of a pattern is not updating correctly
PR 2138603: Solid Edge aborts after clicking on Update Physical Properties
PR 6305865: A part is missing from a sub-assembly after exporting a STEP file
PR 6310188: Selection Manager is not being displayed for inactive parts in sub-assemblies
PR 6303351: Unable to place an additional stitch weld in the provided file
PR 6314723: Pasting a material into session entities causes the tree to collapse
PR 2134733: Parts list is incorrect for an FOA member


PR 6281484: Text styles are incorrectly allowed to be deleted
PR 6292537: Poor Translation for several poly-lines in the supplied test case
PR 1774207: Grouped callout text on background sheet is not exported to AutoCAD model-space
PR 1780070: Unable to copy and paste

===Insight/View & Markup===

PR 1767221: Graphical WebPart shows an empty Edgebar when using IE8
PR 6308098: Getting an error when copying documents which have Excel links
PR 1769510: Insight warning when modifying a FOP member
PR 6294483: Revise prompts for a Save on a released document
PR 6294471: Revise does not complete correctly on ASM when using a Revision rule on file open
PR 6294205: Get no warning when opening checked-out files, all buttons enabled
PR 6216819: Undo checkout on active document doesn't disable the Save button
PR 6284707: Cannot get a full text index created
PR 6311898: Get an erroneous message about Revision rule when saving an assembly
PR 6316302: Unable to set up an Insight SQL Server user
PR 6302147: Sub-assembly cannot be moved from Available to Released

=====Embedded Client=====

PR 6310274: Deliver Overlay Templates for Teamcenter 8.1
PR 6307690: %{Sheet number} and %{Number of sheets} causes unneeded save for draft
PR 6310789: Folder dialog displays underneath the Add to Teamcenter dialog
PR 6295933: The revision rule dropdown menu will not display the last available rule
PR 6312980: Save Copy As on an Assembly doubles the quantities in Teamcenter
PR 6317107: SEEC FMS errors..... on file close upload - misleading FMS error message
PR 1694547: Problem with assemblies created by Save As from legacy Edge-Manager assemblies
PR 6322498: Driving AddToTeamcenter via a command line displays the broken links dialog
PR 6298034: Problems with memory consumption when adding customer files to Teamcenter
PR 6296650: In-Place-Activating files in SEEC can take 10-30 times longer than File/Open
PR 6321432: Manipulations in assembly bring an FMS error
PR 6324227: Enable additional instrumentation/logging
PR 6324551: From Linked 3D command does not copy the Project Name property