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mp13 per SE ST1


Utente Senior
Professione: teorico del paleocontatto
Software: Solid Edge ST7, scarabocchi su carta
Regione: Veneto (PD)
per chi ancora non è passato alla ST2 c'è l' mp13 disponibile per il download

This Maintenance Pack addresses the following PRs:


PR 1762903: Unsuppress of a pattern was not recreating the slave parts
PR 2133252: Solid Edge ST MP10 aborts while trying to import an assembly from NX3.0
PR 6146834: Solid Edge is crashing while attempting to place fasteners
PR 6248060: Relationships failing when replacing a subassembly using same base part
PR 1702605: Parts have wrong position after replace part, but system gives no error
PR 6242099: Failed PMI dimension appears to dramatically affect performance in this assembly

=====Part/Profile/Sheet Metal=====

PR 1757659: Divide Part doesn't support rename of the child anymore - Regression
PR 2086784: Assembly section view is not cutting the body


PR 1753646: Abort occurred after entering invalid characters on the table style line type page
PR 2124797: Dimension changes when opened in V20
PR 2135361: a phantom sheet showing up in Draft file
PR 6234965: Pasting into a Feature Control Frame causes Solid Edge to abort
PR 1715016: Dimension values will not move, when the Drawing View is moved, regression against V19
PR 6276308: Solid Edge is crashing during Save after placing a connector, then deleting it


PR 6270672: Solid Edge crashes if you close the Search dialog before list refreshes
PR 6270698: Solid Edge crashes if you click Search before the old list is processed
PR 1759457: Copy alternate assemblies inherits wrong member


PR 6268536: SEReader failing to open Assembly locked by Solid Edge
PR 6272116: Heap overwrite detected when 3dConexion add-in is running

=====Embedded Client=====

PR 1754089: Assembly structure links are broken with "Hide all Components"
PR 1754460: PSE BOM doesn`t synchronize although "SEEC_BOM_Synchronize=TRUE"
PR 5937465: Error message, "Checked out by Another User" when downloading files from Cache Assistant
PR 6199990: Synchronize All in pathfinder does not update BOM changes
PR 6213940: Improved SEEC search time performance