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CATIA V5 R18 vs CATIA V5 R14


Utente poco attivo
Professione: 3d designer
Software: catia V5
Regione: Spagna
good morning Dear Colleges of Styling generations

I have a problem with CATIA V5 R18. there is no control of curve smooth in "Class A" surfacing nor "Freestyle". I have been working in CATIA V5 R14 and we have had complete control of it but there is no way to do any thing else than "conversion".

Did anybody found any way to do this?

best regards and special thanks


Dear Trazza,
I do not have R18 so I can not help you, but it sounds strange that there is not anymore an important function like that!
I think you should ask your reseller, if that function was moved to a different package (that perhaps you will be forced to buy... I do not hope this is the case!).
Please, inform us about the solution you will finally find.
Kind regards.