Aprire file di Inventor e mantnere le funzioni parametriche


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"Today I thought I should clear up some of the hearsay and rumor surrounding translating files from Autodesk’s Inventor Product.
Some of my teammates here at Javelin believe it’s bad karma to mention another CAD product on our blog (they have just now formed a circle around my desk and are chanting something about exorcising the demons), however there is much confusion as to how this translation takes place – so I persist!
In regard to the translation of individual part files from inventor:
Installation of the Inventor Viewer product will only be sufficient for translation if you are looking to obtain Solid Bodies void of any feature data within SolidWorks. If you are attempting to retain the parametric features of your model you will need to install the latest release of Inventor (as compared to your installed release of SolidWorks)
The method to accomplish the full translation is to first open up the file in Inventor from your hard disk. Secondly follow the same procedure with SolidWorks - opening the file from the hard disk, (As it is currently open and running in Inventor). SolidWorks should begin the task of translation between the two products via the API in order to recreate the parametric model in SolidWorks feature by feature.
In regard to Inventor Assemblies:
For the assemblies to translate correctly (Minus the assembly mates) it is necessary to again have the full Inventor product installed, alongside SolidWorks. SolidWorks needs the entire Inventor application available to sort out and process the details of the components and their positions.
In both cases above, forcing SolidWorks to interact with Inventor will result in a query, asking if you would like to import the components as solid bodies or with their feature data reconstructed. Feature by feature translation will be the longer route of the two, as every part must be built by SolidWorks as it is deconstructed by inventor."