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Discussione: SEV20 SP11

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    Predefinito SEV20 SP11

    E' uscito il sp11 per Solid Edge V20.

    di seguito le note di rilascio:

    Legal Notices
    ©2009 Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

    All Rights Reserved
    Software, file formats, and audiovisual displays may be used pursuant to the
    applicable Software License Agreement and contain confidential and proprietary
    information of Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.; which is
    protected by copyright and trade secret law. Such materials may not be reproduced
    or transferred to other documents or used or disclosed to others for manufacturing
    or for any other purpose except as specifically authorized within the terms of the
    Software License Agreement, or as specifically authorized in writing by Siemens
    Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.

    Siemens Product Lifecycle Management Software Inc.
    5800 Granite Parkway
    Suite 600
    Plano, TX. 75024

    End of Legal Notices

    Release Notes:

    Product: Solid Edge
    Date: 09-Jan-2009

    This release of Solid Edge has been certified to run on the following:
    · Windows XP Professional® operating system (32 bit or 64 bit)
    · Windows Vista Business® or Vista Enterprise® operating system (32 bit or 64 bit)
    · Internet Explorer 7.0 (IE 6.0 minimum)

    This Update can be installed on top of Version:,,,,,,,,,, or

    Note: Updates are all inclusive and can be installed on top of the base release
    or any released Update.

    End of Release Notes

    Installation Notes:

    After downloading the Update to your machine, dbl click the downloaded file
    and the Update will install.

    End of Installation

    This Update addresses the following Customer Reported PRs:


    PR 5996010: Cam relationship problem
    PR 5728763: Adding a single constraint to an adjustable assembly fails
    PR 6015494: Move Part with physical motion crashes
    PR 2098270: Solid Edge crashes when clicking white area of Display Configurations
    PR 5918252: Pattern not updating in this file when Height is set to original value
    PR 6061245: Error in Column Designer when calculating Moments of inertia
    PR 1668883: Moving a part causes duplicate occurrences to be created in Edgebar
    PR 1693966: Out of context tube still updates after a Save As of the assembly
    PR 2110043: Solid Edge aborts when deleting master part of pattern
    PR 6045268: Assembly not found error when opening a read-only upper-level FOA
    PR 5981608: Adding a sketch causes unrealistic file size growth
    PR 2097365: Variable renamed by user in V19 is not being displayed with variable table filter
    PR 6061778: Solid Edge aborts when printing


    PR 5886153: Unable to create Sheet Metal features on a Contour Flange
    PR 2111593: Strange lines appear in the provided draft file
    PR 1674428: Memory issue with large FOP master file
    PR 1688195: Wrong cut-size after flattening a part
    PR 6044788: Accessing material table causes an abort
    PR 2110210: When "Go To" command is executed, Solid Edge will soon abort
    PR 2111993: Link being created even with Interpart options turned off
    PR 6075309: XpresRoute floating license not functioning properly


    PR 1682459: Solid Edge line width to ACAD color mapping doesn't work
    PR 2108454: Draft file will not open
    PR 1683725: Unable to drive position of text profile with dimensions
    PR 1698339: Draft file aborts when a fit is performed
    PR 2070745: Text position of a Chamfer Dimension value is shifted
    PR 5938516: Weld Symbol Properties dialog missing on General tab at times
    PR 1687099: Dimensions disappear when views are converted to 2D
    PR 2100529: When a DXF file is opened, Double byte characters are not displayed
    PR 2110404: Cannot show hidden edge with "Show Edge" command
    PR 1672422: Solid Edge is locking up when adding geometry on the working sheet
    PR 1686469: Solid Edge will crash when editing a callout with property text
    PR 1692306: Drawing views disappear when file is opened
    PR 1694320: Mirror command does not create connect constraints
    PR 2095507: Fill is applied to an area outside the selection
    PR 2110529: Dimension value is lying on top of Dimension line
    PR 2111938: AutoCAD file with multiple text color is not imported
    PR 6064282: Angular dimensions incorrect when saving to AutoCAD


    PR 1675689: SE x64 crashes in Models::AddSweptProtrusion
    PR 4007438: Added the ability to create preview under properties via automation
    PR 1663220: Added Block delete API


    PR 6048198: Not able to select a zone on the File -> Open dialog for Insight managed files
    PR 6045318: Insight: LCA not changing “In Work” back to “Available”
    PR 1687267: Changing display configurations of subassembly will crash


    stimarchetti.altervista.org - Progettazione Meccanica

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    Predefinito ...

    scaricata questa mattina la V20sp11, tra l'altro l'assistenza mi ha detto che entro venerdi dovrebbe rilasciare la MP3 per ST che dovrebbe renderla più stabile.

    Gianluca...alias Tequila
    -non confondere mancanza di talento per genialità
    -arte priva di funzionalità è semplice vandalismo tollerato. Noi siamo i vandali
    -Vede? Io so che questa bistecca non esiste. So che quando la infilerò in bocca
    Matrix suggerirà al mio cervello che è succosa e deliziosa. Dopo nove anni sa
    che cosa ho capito? Che l'ignoranza è un bene. (Cypher all'agente Smith, Matrix)

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