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    Predefinito Iniziativa Autodesk: Racconta la tua storia di Autocad

    La Autodesk ha promosso una iniziativa per chi vuole raccontare la propria storia di Autocad. Questo l'articolo:

    Tell Us Your AutoCAD Story, Get a FREE Video Camera

    Yes, we are giving away free video cameras. The only catch is you need to email a request outlining what you would create a video of and be a user of AutoCAD.
    The AutoCAD team wants to see and hear your stories. We’re giving away FREE Flip Video Cameras to selected people that have an AutoCAD story to tell. In return, we just ask you to send us a couple of minutes of video (using your new camera) showing us your AutoCAD story. What kind of story? That’s up to you. Mostly, we want to hear how AutoCAD has changed your life, see some cool projects you designed with AutoCAD…that sort of thing. Be funny, be creative, or be inspiring. But mostly, just be you. We’re going to feature a bunch of your videos on the AutoCAD website – it’s going to be fun to see the great things you all do with AutoCAD.
    Perhaps a video detailing how many years you have been using AutoCAD and your memories, your workflow, your party invitations that you designed in AutoCAD 2.18, your tricks, your project highlights, or perhaps if you are like me a story about how AutoCAD has changed your life or business or how many kinds of tricks you had played on your fellow AutoCAD users.
    To be considered for a free video camera, email autocad.video@autodesk.com. In the email you must detail who you are, what you do, and what you would record in your AutoCAD video, The number of cameras are limited so be sure to be creative and detailed in your request.
    Be funny, be creative, be inspiring --- be yourself!

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